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Patricia Anne (Pat) Pinsent
academic coordinator

D.o.b. 26th July, 1933, Deal, Kent, England

Married to Dr Henry Pinsent (retired lecturer, University of London) One daughter, one son, six grandchildren.

Mailing address: University of Roehampton, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PJ. Email PatPinsent@aol.com.


Academic Career

Books (in reverse chronological order)

  1. East meets West in Children’s Literature (edited by me, and also including ‘Exoticism and Evangelism: Mrs Sherwood and Others’), Lichfield: Pied Piper Publishing, 2005 (0 9546384 6 8)
  2. Books and Boundaries: Writers and Their Audiences (edited by me)Lichfield: Piper Piper Publishing, 2004. (0 9546384 3 3)
  3. The Big Issues: Proceedings from the 7th IBBY/MA Conference (edited by me; I also wrote Introduction and ‘The Depiction of Elderly Characters in Recent Children’s Fiction’) Published by National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (1-902743-42X), 2001
  4. Making Liturgy (ed. with D.McEwan, I.Pratt & V.Seddon), published by Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2001 (1-85311-440-5)
  5. Pop Fiction: Proceedings from the 5th British IBBY Conference (edited by me; I also wrote Introduction, pp.vii-x and ‘Reading for Life: Boys and Magazines’, pp.103-124.) Published by the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature, Roehampton (1-902743-14-8), 1999
  6. Children’s Literature and the Politics of Equality, published simultaneously by David Fulton Publishers, London (1-85346-425-2) and Teachers College Press, Columbia, New York (0-8077-3680-5), 1997 (Sole authorship)
  7. The Power of the Page (edited by me; I also wrote the Introduction and ‘Such agreeable friends: children and animal literature’) Published by David Fulton Publishers, London (1-85346-234-9), 1993
  8. Language, Culture and Young Children (edited by me; I also wrote the Introduction and ‘Selecting Literature for Young Children’) Published by David Fulton Publishers, London (1-85346-184-9) 1992
  9. Children with Literacy Difficulties (edited by me; I also wrote the Introduction and ‘Assessing the Problem) Published by David Fulton Publishers, London (1-85346-140-7) 1990
  10. Spotlight on Spelling (edited by me; I also wrote the Introduction and ‘An Analysis of the Spelling Errors of a Small Group of Undergraduates Reading English’) Published by ABAcademic, Bicester (0-907360-13-0) 1989

Articles and Chapters (since 1994, in reverse chronological order)

1. Two chapters (‘The Varieties of British Protestant Children’s Fiction: Severe Moralising versus Fliughts of Fancy,’ and ‘British Catholic Children’s Fiction between Vatican I and Vatican II’) in Religion, Children’s Literature and Modernity in Western Europe, 1750-2000, edited Jan de Maeyer, Hans-Heine Ewers, Rita Ghesquiere, Michel Manson, Pat Pinsent & Patricia Quaghebeur, Leuven :University Press (90 5867 497 5), 2005.

2. ‘Unlikely Allies: Philip Pullman and the Feminist Theologians’, in His Dark Materials Illuminated: Critical essays on Philip Pullman’s Trilogy, edited Millicent Lenz with Carole Scott, Detroit: Wayne State University Press (0 8143 3207 2), 2005.

3. ‘The Forests of the Future’: the uses of fantasy in Peter Dickinson’s Eva and The Ropemaker, in Children’s Fantasy Fiction: Debates for the 21st Century, edited by Nickianne Moody & Clare Horrocks, Liverpool: Association for Research in Popular Fictions, John Moores University (0 9549829 0 8), 2005.

4. “Not for an Age but for All Time”: The Depiction of Shakespeare in a selection of Children’s Fiction’ in New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship, vol 10, no.2, November 2004.

5. ‘Crone or Alien: The Image of the Grandmother in some recent Picture Books and Illustrated Texts,’ in New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship, vol.9, 2003 .

6. Three chapters (‘Theories of Genre and Gender: Change and Continutiy in the School Story;’ ‘Postmodernism, New Historicism and Migration: New Historical Novels;’ ‘Language, Genres and Issues: The Socially ommitted Novel’) in Modern Children’s Literature: An Introduction edited by Kim Reynolds, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004 (1-4039-1611-X)

7. Introduction to the Teachers’ Pack for the National Theatre production of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (On National Theatre Website, in collaboration with Kim Reynolds and Nikki Gamble)

8. ‘Catholic Children’s Fiction between 1870 and 1965’ in the journal of the Children’s Books History Society, No 76, July 2003

9. ‘ “Into the Trees”: Journeys into the Future in Peter Dickinson’s Eva. In Foundation: the InternationalReview of science fiction Vol 32, no. 88, Summer 2003

10. ‘The Education of a Wizard’, in The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter, edited by Lana Whited, University of Missouri Press, 2002

11. ‘Narnia: An Affirmative Vision’, in Papers, vol.12, no.1, April 2002

12. ‘Fate and Fortune in a Modern Fairy Tale: Louis Sachar’s Holes’ in Children’s Literature in Education, vol.33, no.3, September 2002

13. ‘Bone and Blood a slave’: The contsruct of the slave and slavery in historical novels for children,’ in The New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship, 2002.

14. `Religious Mystery and Children’s Literature’ in (ed.) A.Gavin & C.Routledge, Children’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Macmillan, 2001 (1-333-91889-9)

15. ‘Some Reflections of Millenarianism in Seventeenth Century Literature’ in (ed.) S.Porter, M.Hayes & D.Tombs, Faith in the Millennium, Sheffield Academic Press, 2001 (1-84127-092-X)

16. ‘Can I take the MA in Japan?’: Writing Distance Learning Material on Children’s Literature’ in Recent Developments in Teaching and Learning, vols. 2 & 3, (ed.) V.D’Andrea, in conjunction with Roehampton Educational Development Centre, 2001.

17. ‘After Fagin: Jewishness and Children’s Literature’, pp.311-328, in (ed.) S.Porter & B. Pearson, Christian-Jewish Relations throughout the Centuries, Sheffield Academic Press, (1-84127-090-3), 2000

18. ` “He is not here”(Luke 24,6): Christ’s Resurrection in seventeenth century English poetry’, in (ed.) Stanley Porter, M.Hayes & D.Tombs, Resurrection, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999

19. `From Tyke Tiler to Harry Potter: Recent Variations on the School Theme’, in School Stories from Bunter to Buckeridge, ed. N.Tucker, NCRCL, 1999

20. ` “My Joy, my Love, my Heart”: Sexuality and the poems of George Herbert’, pp.135-144 in (ed.) M.Hayes, W.Porter & D.Tombs, Religion and Sexuality, Sheffield Academic Press (1-85075-947-2), 1998

21. `From Copying to Creation’, pp.1-6 in (ed.) J.Graham and A.Kelly, Writing Under Control, David Fulton Publishers,1998 (2nd edition 2003)

22. `A Brief Historical Survey’, in (ed.) Susan Hancock, A Guide to Children’s Reference Books, Alderhot:Ashgate, 1998

23. ` “The wonderful storyteller”: Enid Blyton’s Bible Stories’, Enid Blyton: A Celebration and Reappraisal, NCRCL Papers 2, 1997

24. Contribution to (ed.) J.Graham and A.Kelly, Reading Under Control, David Fulton Publishers, 1997

25. ‘Race and Ideology in textbooks’ in Paradigm, no.22, May 1997

26. ‘The Image of Christ in the writings of two seventeenth century English country parsons: George Herbert and Thomas Traherne’, in Images of Christ, Ancient and Modern, ed. S.Porter, M.Hayes and D.Tombs, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997

27. `Lessons in Love: Girls’ Magazines in the 1990s’, in (ed.) K.Reynolds, Teenage Girls and Their Magazines NCRCL Papers 1, pp. 6-25, 1997

28. ‘Race and Feminism in some recent children’s books’, in Feminist Theology, no.13,Sept.1996

29. ‘Information Books’, in (ed.) K.Reynolds, Young People’s Reading at the End of the Century, NCRCL, 1996

30. ‘Religious Persuasion and the Language of Poetry’, in The Nature of Religious Language, ed. S.Porter, Sheffield Academic Press, 1996

31. ‘Teaching your child to read: A critique of some recently published material’ in Reading, vol..30, no.1, April 1996

32. ‘Religious Verse of English Recusant Poets’, Recusant History, vol.22 Part 4, Oct 1995

33. ‘ “We speak English in this school”:the experience of immigrant children as depicted in some recent fiction’, in Researching Children’s Literature: A Coming of Age, ed. N.Broadbent et al., LSU Publications, 1994

34. ‘Children and Information Books’, in (ed.) K.Reynolds, Contemporary Juvenile Reading Habits, NCRCL, 1994

This list does not include about 20 articles published before 1993 and several minor subsequent pieces such as short contributions to (ed.) V.Watson, Guide to Children’s Books in English (OUP, 2001) and (ed.) M.Hawkins-Dady, Reader’s Guide to Literature in English (Fitzroy Dearborn, 1996). Reviews are also omitted. It also omits seven volumes of Distance Learning material produced since 1998 for students taking the University of Surrey Roehampton MA in Children’s Literature and three volumes for students taking the Foundation Certificate, An Introduction to Contemporary Children’s Literature.

I also edit two journals, Network (quarterly) and IBBYLink (3 times a year)

In Press

Two Chapters (‘Historical Studies’ and, with Kim Reynolds, ‘Postgraduate Children’s Literature in the UK’) in Teaching the New English: Children’s Literature, edited by Charles Butler, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2005

Current Projects

Editing and contributing to Twentieth Century Forgotten Authors (working title) to be published in 2006 by Pied Piper Publishing.

Editing and contributing to No Child is an Island: Children’s Literature in Translation, to be published by Pied Piper Publishing in 2006.

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